So Simple

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Today’s outfit is super simple, but I still really like it. I hadn’t worn this top from Stitch Fix in a very long time, so it was fun to pull it out of my closet again. I actually received this top in my very first Stitch Fix ever (see the blog post here), which was over two years ago! In fact, I haven’t received a new fix in over a year, so I decided to order another one! Be sure to stay on the lookout for the review post in the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see my next fix on my doorstep!

I also wanted to say how much I love what a bold lipstick can do! I feel like this outfit is so basic, but I feel like the lipstick makes me look so much more fashionable. I am just really loving this color! This is my first lipstick from Urban Decay and I am really impressed with it so far. It’s from the Revolution Lipstick line and the color is called ‘Catfight’ – link is here if you’re interested!

Top: Stitch Fix / Jeans: Macy’s / Flats: Target (on sale!) / Bag: Michael Kors / Earrings: Rocksbox

XOXO Miranda

Trend to Try: Denim Skirts


It makes me feel old to know that a trend from the early-mid 00’s has already come back into style. Was I really in college that long ago? I used to rock a denim skirt back in those days on an almost daily basis. When I saw that denim skirts had come back into style this summer, I had to immediately jump on it! A denim skirt is such a versatile piece that you can wear with pretty much anything. It’s basically like wearing jeans…but a cuter, more feminine version (which is right up my alley!). I probably won’t be pairing this skirt with a silky, spaghetti strap camisole anytime soon (hello 2004!), but I could see myself wearing it with a button down on casual Friday or with an off the shoulder top for a casual weekend look. The opportunities are (almost) endless!

InStyle recently posted an article about the history of the denim skirt, with photos throughout the years beginning in the 1970’s. They also included several photos on how to wear a denim skirt now if you want more style inspiration!

T-shirt: H&M / Cardigan: Old Navy / Skirt: Gap / Sandals: Jessica Simpson / Backpack: Target / Earrings: Rocksbox

XOXO Miranda

San Antonio Stripes

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Last week we took our little munchkin on a mini-vacation before he started school. We only had two days for the trip, so it had to be somewhere close. George and I couldn’t decide where to go after debating for a few weeks, so we ended up letting the kiddo choose – and he picked San Antonio! He really wanted to stay in his favorite hotel on the Riverwalk and visit Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. That sounded awesome to us, so away we went!

We ended up having an awesome trip, but one of the major drawbacks was that it was so dang hot! It was 100+ degrees during the day, and didn’t cool down much at night. We still ended up spending a lot of time outdoors, walking down the Riverwalk and visiting the zoo. We enjoyed having dinner on the river both nights so Neal could be entertained by the ducks swimming by. I am happy to report that everyone had a great time and nobody died from a heat stroke! You can’t ask for much more on a Texas vacation in August.

Dress: Gap (on sale!) / Sandals: Jessica Simpson / Backpack: Target (on sale!) / Earrings: Rocksbox

XOXO Miranda

Spots and Stripes

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Oh Houston…why are you so hot? I know we go through this every summer, but the 100+ temps are getting kind of old. I don’t mind wearing shorts, but I am running out of outfit inspiration with the few pairs that I have. Can we please try a new season already? Thanks.

Top: Ann Taylor (on sale now!) / Shorts: NY&Co / Sandals: Jessica Simpson / Bag: Michael Kors / Earrings: The Limited

XOXO Miranda