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Sometimes a girl just needs to be comfortable. I went to a lovely baby shower on Sunday morning in a dress and heels, but when I got home several hours later I just wanted to put on something casual. Typically I wouldn’t bother with changing, but I needed to clean my apartment and a cocktail dress just felt silly.

I do love comfort and basic pieces, but I also have an aversion to feeling like I look plain. I can never really wear just a t-shirt and jeans without feeling sloppy (exceptions: road trips, sick days). These are just my personal neuroses and not anything that I project onto anyone else. It’s simply a weird thing that I feel in my feelers. The point is, I tend to turn to standout pieces that can instantly make any outfit look more put together or unique (see: these floral oxfords). Whether it’s a headband, statement necklace, colorful shoe, or just a special detail – I always need a little something to keep things interesting. I know that I am not the most creative or daring fashion blogger out there, but that will never be who I am. I’m just keeping it real today.

T-Shirt: Loft /  Sweater: Kohl’s / Jeans: Joe’s Jeans / Shoes: Rachel Roy / Bag: Tory Burch / Necklace: Kris Nations

XOXO Miranda

A Hint of Retro

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Yep, it’s late October and I’m wearing sandals. This is how we do.

There’s nothing in this outfit that you guys haven’t seen before, but I am always looking for ways to remix! I tend to wear this headband a lot when I am due for a hair touch-up (hello, roots!), so I wanted to find something to pair it with that I hadn’t tried before. I really like the way this outfit turned out with the floral and stripe prints together – it’s a subtle print mix, which is just what I like. Speaking of subtle things – the hint of retro in this outfit makes this one of my favorite looks I’ve ever posted. I love vintage style, but I rarely wear vintage – instead I gravitate towards modern pieces/looks that have just a nod to the past. Subtlety is my jam.

Top: Express / Skirt: Asos / Jacket: A&F / Sandals: French Connection / Bag: Tory Burch / Headband:

XOXO Miranda

Video: Five Favorite Fall Things

Happy Monday my sweet darlings! I’ve got a new YouTube video up on my channel today where I’m talking about my five favorite things for fall. I’m collaborating with some of my Houston-based blogger/vlogger friends for a vlog hop! We are all talking about our favorite fall things, so be sure to watch all the videos!

I’m collaborating with:

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XOXO Miranda

Review: Rocksbox

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Urban Gem Lorena Deco Necklace (worn here)

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Loren Hope Small Sarra Cuff in Cobalt (worn here)

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Gamine Zara Rings in Mixed Metals

If you know me, then you know I can’t resist a good subscription service! When Rocksbox approached me to see if I wanted to try it out, of course I said yes!

Rocksbox is essentially the Netflix for jewelry. They send you 3 pieces of jewelry at a time that you can wear and enjoy as much as you want. When you’re ready for new pieces, you just return your box via mail and you’ll get three new pieces. The boxes are unlimited, meaning you can receive and return as often as you want. The subscription fee is only $19 a month, which is a total bargain! The jewelry is amazing quality and every piece is just stunning. I’ve only received one box so far, but I am already hooked!

If you fall in love with a jewelry piece, you can purchase it to keep for yourself. The website says the average price is $75 per piece, but out of the items I’ve received so far, everything has been under $60. I personally prefer to wear things and send them back so that I’m constantly rotating new items…but to each their own!

I would also like to point out that as a person with freakishly thin wrists, this cuff fit me perfectly. Bracelets are always way too big on me, so I was completely stoked! I don’t know if all of the bracelets they offer will fit that way, but I will keep you updated as I get more boxes.

If you are curious in trying out Rocksbox for yourself, I absolutely recommend it. To get started, anyone who signs up using my referral link will get their first month free! So…it’s pretty much a no-brainer, right?

Let me know if you guys have questions, or if you have used Rocksbox before, I am curious what you think!

XOXO Miranda

Full Disclosure – I was gifted a 3 month Rocksbox subscription for free, but I was not required to write a review post. I am writing this post because I sincerely love this jewelry. I fully intend to keep my subscription even after my free trial is over.