Fashion Houston 2014 – Day 2

Happy Friday, sweet cupcakes! I’m squeezing in a quick blog post today to round up this crazy week. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been at Fashion Houston all week and I’ve been having a blast! Seeing all of the runway shows and hanging out with blogger friends has really reminded me of how much this is truly my passion. Even though I don’t often wear high-end clothes (hello budget!), I have such a deep admiration for the artistry of so many truly talented designers. I love being inspired by runway looks and then translating that to affordable, everyday outfits. I am definitely riding a ‘fashion high’ this week, and I can’t wait to share with you all my recaps from the week!

Today’s post is all about day two of Fashion Houston. The designers showing their collections on Wednesday were The Art Institute of Houston fashion designers, Rubin Singer, M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza, Rene Ruiz, and Naeem Khan. It was a perfect night to kick off my week at Fashion Houston! There were so many stunning looks and I loved every single show. However, my favorite show of the night was absolutely Naeem Khan! That show started off with glamorous sportswear and ended with colorful, sparkly, and floral gowns. You can see a video of the final walk on my Instagram here.

One drawback for day two was that I did not have the zoom lens for the camera, so the pictures I took did not turn out that great. Luckily I went back on day three with the right lens and captured some stunning photos, which I will share in my next post! Until then, here are a few snaps to show you what I wore and a few runway photos.

Shop and Twirl | Fashion Houston Day 2 1

This dress is a brand new purchase from Banana Republic and I am in LOVE with it! It’s my new favorite dress, hands down. I would wear it every day if I could.

Outfit details – Dress: Banana Republic (currently on sale!) / Boots: Melrose by ShoeDazzle / Bag: Tory Burch

Shop and Twirl | Fashion Houston Day 2 2

I took this shot of the stage before the show and I love how it turned out.

Shop and Twirl | Fashion Houston Day 2 4

These models took a selfie at the end of the runway during their final walk! It was adorable.

Shop and Twirl | Fashion Houston Day 2 3

Helloooo maxi skirt perfection!

Shop and Twirl | Fashion Houston Day 2 7

Naeem Khan totally made my night by showing gorgeous gown after gown. I am officially obsessed. Also, this model was killing it with her perfect twirls at the end of the runway!

Shop and Twirl | Fashion Houston Day 2 8

Peace out my friends! Stay tuned for more Fashion Houston coverage coming soon!

XOXO Miranda

Video: Ulta Haul – Makeup Basics

Hey guys! I’m back with another YouTube video! I’m still trying to figure out the camera settings + editing, but I’m trying my best to learn as fast as I can. Either way, I am really enjoying recording these videos!

Today’s video is all about my latest Ulta haul. I stocked up on some of my favorite makeup basics, so I wanted to share with you why I love them! I hope you enjoy the video.

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Early Winter

Shop and Twirl | Early Winter 1Shop and Twirl | Early Winter 5Shop and Twirl | Early Winter 4Shop and Twirl | Early Winter 3Shop and Twirl | Early Winter 2

Here are some random thoughts for today:

1. WHY is it so cold? I can’t remember a time when Houston has ever been so consistently cold this early in the year. This isn’t some random cold front, this is two weeks straight of 30s-50s weather and my wardrobe was so not prepared! I have been scrambling to find things to wear lately and the verdict seems to be: I need more pants. Desperately.

2. I have been crazy busy the past month or so. I am struggling to find the time to take photos/videos and write blog posts. I am trying to do as much as I can, but I know that my presence on here has been quiet lately. Work has been hectic, we’ve been out of town, and wedding planning is starting to take up a lot more of my time. The time change isn’t helping either since I have to get photos taken before 5pm now. I am really missing those warmer, sunnier days!

3. My bangs are way too long and my next hair appointment is three weeks away. I should have listened to my aunt and scheduled it earlier but NOPE. #regrets

4. Yes, these photos were taken outside the outlet mall because if I had waited any longer, it would’ve been dark! See point #2. I apologize that this outfit post is not my finest moment, but it’s better than nothing right? (Please say right).

5. I’m not wearing my engagement ring in these pictures because it was being cleaned that day. I don’t know that anyone would notice, but I figured I’d throw it out there just in case!

6. This blog post sounds like a lot of complaining, so to add some positivity, here are some things I’m really looking forward to: Fashion Houston this week (eee!), Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping with my family, my birthday, Christmas, and a trip to Albuquerque (I’m wishing for snow!). Bring on the holidays!

Top: Gap / Jacket: Piperlime / Jeans: Joe’s Jeans / Scarf: Anthropologie / Boots: Fanesia by ShoeDazzle / Bag: Tory Burch

XOXO Miranda

Budget Post: October 2014

I started my monthly budget posts last year in an effort to both hold myself accountable and to be transparent with my readers. I like the visual of seeing where my money is going every month – it helps me to identify what I am missing and what I’m buying too much of. I also want my readers to be aware of what I’m buying, why I make certain purchases, and how I find good deals. To see previous budget posts, click here – or you can always click on “monthly budget series” in my menu bar.

All three of the items I bought this month were worn for our engagement pictures. The dress was a early in the month purchase, the boots were a splurge just because, and the top was a last minute frantic search for something to wear in our photos. Overall, I bought some great items and I managed to stay within my budget(ish). Yay!

Shop and Twirl | Budget Post October 2014

1. Anthropologie Sunland Dress: $67.46 – I fell in love with this dress back in July when I tried it on at Anthro (remember this Instagram pic?). I waited and waited for the dress to go on sale because even though I loved it, I wasn’t going to pay $148 for it. The price eventually fell to under $100, and with the addition of a coupon code I ordered it online at a price I could actually afford! It was a big risk to wait that long for a sale, but I am so happy that I was finally able to get it. I ended up wearing it for my engagement pictures and it was perfect. Sometimes it pays to be patient!

2. Cole Haan Cassidy Boot (via DSW): $146.96 – I spotted these boots on the sale rack at DSW and tried them on just for fun. I have a bad habit of trying on their most expensive shoes just out of curiosity. When I started doing the math and realized they were somewhat affordable, I got so stressed out! I was talking in circles to George trying to justify why I needed them when I finally gave in and took them to the register. I am not used to making big purchases like that, but I have been trying harder lately to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to my closet. Looking back, I feel like buying the boots was the right decision. I plan to wear them for years!

3. Target Crochet Top: free (bought with gift card, actual price is $24.99) – I had been hoarding a Target gift card since my birthday (last December) and I finally remembered to use it. I bought this top last minute to wear for our engagement pictures because I couldn’t decide what else to wear. I think the top looked great in the photos so I’m happy with the purchase, and I hope to get a lot more wear out of it in the upcoming months.

Monthly budget: $200.00 / Grand total: $214.42

Today I’m linking up with Fran for her budgeting bloggers series. Head on over and see how everyone else did on their budgets!

XOXO Miranda