All Bundled Up

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Ya’ll probably already know this, but Houston weather is ridonk. Over the past couple of weeks, the temperature has ranged anywhere between like 25 to 75 degrees. So if you’re wondering why I’m wearing short sleeves one post and a coat the next, that’s why! In addition to that – I am always behind on posting outfits, so anything you see here I was probably wearing 1-2 weeks prior. So even though it’s warm today, I’m all bundled up in today’s outfit post. That’s just how things roll around here.

I have to say, I don’t really mind the crazy weather patterns because it forces me to switch things up with my wardrobe. One can never get into a fashion rut in Houston in January, that’s for sure!

While we’re being honest, I may as well confess that I’m wearing sunglasses in this post because I never put on eye makeup that day. Just sayin.

Dress: Target / Coat: Macy’s / Leggings: Gap / Boots: Karlie by JustFab / Scarf: gift / Hat: Express / Sunglasses: Anthropologie / Bag: Tory Burch

XOXO Miranda

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