Budget Post: June 2014


I started my monthly budget posts last year in an effort to both hold myself accountable and to be transparent with my readers. I like the visual of seeing where my money is going every month – it helps me to identify what I am missing and what I’m buying too much of. I also want my readers to be aware of what I’m buying, why I make certain purchases, and how I find good deals. To see previous budget posts, click here – or you can always click on “monthly budget series” in my menu bar.

Did anyone notice that I never posted my May budget? Whoops! May was a crazy month for me (California vacation and an engagement!), so I was extremely busy and never got around to doing my budget post. For the sake of being honest, I will tell you guys that I absolutely blew my May budget. I never officially added it up, but it was a lot. So there’s that.

In June, I came way under budget, which sort of makes up for going crazy in May, right?! My priorities have shifted a lot this month…I’ve been doing a lot more wedding planning than shopping lately. So far things have been looking good for my wallet, which is great because weddings are insanely expensive. I also intend to start practicing more control over my budget since I’m going to be sharing my finances with another human being soon, which definitely freaks me out. But that’s another topic altogether!



1. Old Navy pink cardigan: $13.96 (Used a 30% off coupon) – I placed a large Old Navy order this month (I ordered multiple swimsuits in different sizes to try on at home), and I added on the cardigan and the dress since everything was 30% off. I have this cardigan in mint already and I love it, so I’m trying to collect more colors!

2. Old Navy wrap dress: $20.96 (Used a 30% off coupon) – I’ve always been curious about Old Navy’s wrap dresses, but they are only sold online. I figured since I was already planning on returning things in this order anyway, I may as well try one on! I ended up loving the dress so I kept it. It’s a really flattering shape and I adore this particular print. I can’t wait to wear it to work!

3. Old Navy swimsuit: $23.06 (Used a 30% off coupon) – Like I mentioned above, I ordered multiple swimsuits to try on at home and planned to return the ones I didn’t like. This is the one I ended up keeping because it was the most flattering on me. I love the retro style and the cute print! (FYI this is currently showing as out of stock on the website but hopefully it will come back).

4. Ban.do bobby pins: $15.00 – Whatever, I spent $15 on three bobby pins. I have no regrets! Look how cute they are on Keiko!

5. Ban.do striped twist scarf: $20.00 – I’ve been wanting one of these ban.do headbands for forever and I finally bought one! This is pretty much the best headband of my life and totally worth $20. I love that it can be styled in multiple ways and it instantly snazzes up even the most boring outfits (you’ll see proof tomorrow!).

6. JewelMint peachick earrings: $20.00 (Bought on sale) – These are the cutest little earrings! The bottom fan part actually sits behind the ear lobe and the stud goes in front, so the look is really unique.

Monthly budget: $200.00 / Grand total: $112.98

Today I’m linking up with Fran for her budgeting bloggers series. Head on over and see how everyone else did on their budgets!

XOXO Miranda

10 thoughts on “Budget Post: June 2014

  1. OMG I HAVE THAT DRESS IN NAVY! I got it at the outlet but if yours is jersey then it’s the same thing and it’s comfy and flattering, though the length is a little weird (but super work appropriate, so yay). I feel so fashionable now!

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